It’s possible that taxpayers won’t pay Niedzielski’s fine

The Ministry of Health does not want to pay the fine that the Office for the Protection of Personal Data imposed on former minister Adam Niedzielski. The matter will be decided by the court.

The Ministry of Health does not intend to pay the fine imposed on Adam Niedzielski by the Office for the Protection of Personal Data. The reason for the fine was the disclosure of sensitive information about the doctor, reports the industry website

The former Minister of Health received PLN 100,000. PLN fine. So far, everything indicated that in practice the fine would not be paid by Niedzielski, but by taxpayers.

Punishment for Niedzielski. But the ministry doesn’t want to pay?

However, it turns out that the Ministry of Health has filed a complaint with the Provincial Administrative Court against the decision on the fine imposed by the Personal Data Protection Bureau.

“By decision of Minister Izabela Leszczyna, the ministry will file a complaint with the provincial administrative court. Paying the fine from the funds of the Ministry of Health means that taxpayers would pay for the actions of Adam Niedzielski,” Health Ministry officials said on

– We consider this case as precedent-setting and of great importance in determining liability for violating the principles of personal data protection – said Prof. Grzegorz Sibiga from the law firm Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy, representing the Ministry of Health in will represent the court.

Confederacy: Make him pay out of his own pocket

The issue was previously addressed by the Confederation, which has repeatedly raised issues related to the activities of the former Minister of Health, especially in the context of the COVID epidemic.

A message was published on the party’s profile expressing opposition to paying the fine from the state budget, that is, from the pockets of taxpayers. In practice, there will only be a transfer from one budget account to another. The Confederacy demanded that Niedzielski pay the fine out of his own pocket.

Awards at the Ministry of Health

As “GW” recalled in December, Adam Niedzielski awarded awards to ten department directors and deputy directors on August 9, the day after he submitted his resignation and the day before he handed over the office to the new head of the ministry.

“The average amount of the prize per person was PLN 10,000,” “Wyborcza” learned from the press service of the Ministry of Health. In total, the rewards cost taxpayers PLN 100,000. zloty. His successor, Katarzyna Sójka, also presented lavish prizes.

Source: Do Rzeczy