In which regions do additional Irpef taxes increase: a mockery of salaries

The Meloni government changed the Irpef regulations as a preview of the overall tax reform: in 2024, the new rates will be 3 instead of 4, thanks to the merging of the first two. This measure, together with the reduction in the tax wedge, allows for annual savings in salaries, but some regions have problems adapting to the new regulations. In fact, we also need to take into account the additional tax collected by the regions along with Irpef. Tax is an important item in regional budgets, and Lazio, Molise and Tuscany have increased surcharges due to low expected revenues for government reform. However, not all workers will be affected by the cuts.

Increase in Irpef surcharge in 2024: relevant regions

The issue was raised during the Conference of State Regions: the Meloni government was asked to keep the regional surcharges for Irpef only for 2024 in four brackets instead of the three brackets currently in force. Regarding the municipal surcharges applied to Irpef, municipalities requested until April 15 to comply. The government accepted the Regions’ demands, but some still decided to escalate them.

As reported by RomaToday, in 2024 the regional surcharge will increase from 1.73% to 3.33%. There will be a reduction from 2025, but it does not apply to everyone: those with incomes of up to 35,000 euros will pay an additional Irpef of 1.73%. In total, around 2 million Lazio citizens will be spared the increases (but only in a year). In Molise, this rate will only increase for incomes above 28 thousand euros per year, rising from the current 2.43% to 3.33% in 2024.

In Tuscany, this rate will only be for those with incomes above 28 thousand euros: from 1.68 percent to 3.32 percent for those with incomes between 28 thousand and 50 thousand euros, and from 1.73 percent for incomes above 50 thousand euros gross per year. It will increase to 3.33 percent. According to FirenzeToday, taxpayers between 28 thousand and 50 thousand will see an increase of 117 euros in additional taxes, while the regional additional tax will increase from 524 euros to 641 euros. The most significant increase will be in the bands above 50 thousand euros: 1012 euros more. In fact, they would increase from 1478 euros per year to 2490 euros.

In some cases, the increase in the rate in the regions will be compensated by the Irpef reform of the national government, which will reduce the benefits of the latter, but in other cases the income tax reduction will not be sufficient to cover the increase in the regional tax. Regional and municipal surcharges are collected on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and you can refer to this link.

Source: Today IT