Low reservoir levels will have no impact on energy rates, Energy Minister

The absence of rain and the dry season continue to accelerate and an example of this is what the XM Energy Dispatch Manager reports show in the country.

The energy matrix of the largest contributing country (more than 60% generated by water) shows that usable reservoir levels reached 61.1% and reported on January 22. And so were thermal generation shipments 71.5 gigawatts with a contribution to the system.

thermal generationThe amount produced by fuels has increased if we take into account that the reservoirs decrease together with the water contributions that reached the system by 46.2% in water and 58.6% on average on January 22.

January 11, 2023That is, eight days earlier, usable reservoir levels reached 66.1%. And thermal generation shipments amounted to 66.2 gigawatts. With system contributions of 56.5% water and 66.7% average.

January 3, 2023 The operation had reported that the system’s usable reservoir was 68.3%, dispatched thermal generation was 38.2 gigawatts and system contributions were 74.4% per day and an average of 82.1%.

In January 2023 Sharp decline, in January the level of Colombia’s reservoirs fell to 54.2%: XM

Source: El heraldo