The reform of public services proposes tools to users

The national government must present its announcement of the reform to the government this Wednesday Public Services Act which was approved in 1994.

The announcement and proposal have been there since September last year. Let us not forget that the debate has also been raised since June 2023 when trade unions such as Andesco criticized the proposal of the Ministry of Mines, Andrés Camacho, with the meeting and unions of users of the country to seek arguments for the reform.

Dagoberto Quiroga, the chief inspector of Public services, had noted at the Andesco Congress in June last year and without citing any specific article from the article Law 142which receives daily complaints from users in the country about protests because there is no water, because of the pollution of a landfill or because they environment. “And you certainly find that complaints and claims do not solve the problem Services public”.

Source: El heraldo