Artificial intelligence-related employment will grow by 95% in Mexico in 2023

Job offers related to artificial intelligence In this environment, (AI) and data science in Mexico grew by 95% annually in 2023, according to Jorge Torres, director of the Higher School of Engineering and Technology of the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

“We compared job offers (in artificial intelligence) in 2022. compared to 2023 and increased by 95%“He said in an interview with the publication EFE following the presentation of the study “The Future of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Work in Mexico in 2024.”

The scientist assured that the Mexican market is experiencing an “acceleration” in integration of new technological skills.

The research was presented at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico. with which UNIR cooperatesand included the participation of researchers from both centers, as well as representatives of multinational companies such as Amazon Web Services.

The study tracked job offers published between January 2023 and January 2024 on various Mexican web portals such as LinkedIn or Infojobs and found that out of 205,038 registered, 7254 belonged to the AI ​​sector.

Jorge Torres

Most requested profile, with 1596 job offersis a data engineer, followed by business intelligence with 1,312 records and data analyst with 1,168 records.

Amadeo José Argüelles, researcher at IPN AI and Data Science Network, highlighted the evolution of the labor market during the roundtable. importance of soft skills and assertiveness among professionals in this field.

“An engineer must develop the following skills: critical thinking, systems thinking“, he said. “You have to have empathy for the work team,” he added.

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According to Torres, a significant increase in supply opens the way so that IT professionals can apply for “high-value positions” not only in technology companies.

“There are industries that are making important investments in technology and discover talent in order to be able to apply it“like banking or the pharmaceutical industry,” he explained.

In fact, the study notes that while the technology and information services sector is the most sought after in these profiles (2,265 job offers), then banking (782)media and entertainment (722) and food (374).

“Strong bet on AI” in education

On the other hand, Torres emphasized UNIR’s “strong commitment” to the integration of AI in various areas of education.

“The most important of them is related to improve educational services that we give to our students,” he noted, as they are used to redesign educational plans and create new ones that improve learning in the field.

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Argüelles found that Mexican industry needs to ‘get closer to human capital’which will ensure good adoption of AI as well as educational institutions to train current workers.

“Their employees have the opportunity to go to higher education institutions so that they can provide them with this knowledge that is fresh here in everyday life,” he assured.

Indeed, Torres warned that the labor market is “at risk” if professionals in various sectors are not renewed.

“Today is the time for training, for this “retraining” (professional retraining),” he said, so UNIR “opens this door” through programs that “allow you to take advantage” of opportunities new trends. (EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias