Video | ASPA does not allow foreign pilots to fly national aircraft; “we are not going to leave each other”

Mexican Aviation Pilots Association Union (BLADE) rejected it foreign pilots fly national aircraft and routes, so he called government to respect the Constitution.

ASPA Secretary General Humberto Gual Angeles stated:

“We urge the federal government to comply with Article 32 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

“To Congress, so that they will not allow the laws that they themselves approved in favor of the Mexicans to be violated.

“And to businessmen with insatiable interests, so that they do not dare try to cheapen our profession, because We will not allow this, we are not going to leave them.

During the Pilots’ Emancipation Day Commemorative Assembly, Gual Angeles spoke about how ASPA pilots fought to protect their jobs and how history is now repeating itself. He said:

Aviation authorities have shown a lenient attitude towards some airlines regarding the flights of foreign crews on national aircraft and routes.

He confirmed that national aviation is going through decisive moments and mentioned the joining of pilots of the cargo airline MAS, highlighting that ASPA of Mexico is the first union to activate a rapid response labor mechanism before T-MEC in the service sector. , which put pressure on companies and the government, ensuring respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining.

‘Excessive and unjustified’ increase in AICM will affect everyone: ASPA

Last December, ASPA warned that the government’s decision to “exorbitantly” increase the cost of airport services at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) would affect all industries.

On December 11, AICM announced new tariffs for airport services, increasing by an average of 77 percent.

Given this, ASPA has indicated that the solution is not to increase rates, but to reinvest AICM revenues into infrastructure, maintenance and sufficient staff to meet demand.

'Excessive and unjustified' increase in AICM will affect everyone: ASPA

ASPA pilots expressed concern about the increase, which they called “excessive and unjustified.”

“Its use will reduce the competitiveness of the airport and the airlines that use it; It could also have a negative impact on the thousands of jobs that directly depend on both the airport and the airlines.”

Source: Aristegui Noticias