Participation allowance, INPS rejects more than 117 thousand applications: how not to make mistakes

The first payments of the Participation Allowance (Ordinary) will be made on January 26, 2024, but many will be disappointed. INPS announced that 446,256 applications were processed, of which 117,461 (26 percent) were rejected. This is due to the lack of requirements. INPS announces that there are 287,704 families who will receive the Participation Allowance (Ordinary) payment from 26 January. The measure was granted to families who made a request within the first days of January, signed the Digital Activation Pact (the so-called “Pad”) and whose application passed preventive checks on the requirements established by the legislation.

Why Participation Allowance applications are rejected: pay attention to the requirements

It was revealed that 12,222 of the rejected applications required additional review to obtain the certificate certifying the requirement to receive an ADI. Once the certificate is received, INPS will be able to continue payment as of next February 15, or in any case within 60 days, if no certificate is received from the relevant institutions. However, it is stated that 1,140 applications are still being examined by the Institute for internal control purposes in order to combat fraud.

The case history of the 117,461 applications for Participation Allowance rejected due to lack of requirements is varied. The main reasons we found include negative result above DSU threshold, exceeding income thresholds, failure to declare business activity. You need to pay close attention to the conditions when applying.

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An average payment of 645.84 euros will be made to the first 287,704 applications that successfully pass the preliminary stage, on January 26. A total of 651,665 applications have been received since December 18, and there is until January 31 to submit ADI requests, which will be paid as early as February 15, 2024, once the preventive checks are passed and the Pad is signed. Candidates who register for Pad by January 31 will also be entitled to receive the monthly payment for the current month.

Source: Today IT