Household spending in Barranquilla fell in 2023: Raddar

The second activity with the greatest variation was transport and communication with -4.15%. and because costs had to be mobilized, the money they allocated for telephone and other services amounted to $5.4 billion.

Just as Barranquilla residents spent more on transportation and communications, they also consumed more goods.

Housing spending was the second highest on the market in Barranquilla at $9.2 billion and a variation of -2.98%.

“In fact, the slowdown in spending resulted in lower purchases of goods and services month after month compared to 2022. Factors such as low consumer confidence, high prices of some goods and services, unemployment and various events, even at the climatic level, have level of household expenditure, especially in the entertainment, transport and communications and electrical sectors,” said Juan Camilo Sánchez.

The annual and real variation in the expenditure of residents of Barranquilla (-2.67%) with a market of $41.09 billion was higher than that of Bogotá (-2.18%) and Cali (-1.83%) .

Barranquilla also showed higher real spending growth and lower inflation in the fourth quarter of 2023.The fashion basket It is the one that has shown the greatest growth in terms of units, which shows the important recovery that has taken place after the pandemic. Likewise, thanks to seasonal purchases and the use of clothing and rental services, it has positioned itself as one of the groups with high participation in the last months of the year,” Raddar’s analysis said.

Source: El heraldo