Here are the “smart people” of citizenship income again: 123 people reported, fraud worth 1.5 million

The Crotone Prosecutor’s Office reported that 123 people obtained illegal citizenship income. Following checks carried out by the authorities in recent months, various irregularities and lies were revealed in the requests made to INPS. Among the persons reported, in particular, there are a large number of non-EU citizens who do not meet the necessary conditions to stay in Italy (ten years of residence), employed citizens who declare themselves unemployed but are actually working illegally.

And also people with a criminal record due to their connection to organized crime. The work of the investigators also made it possible to establish that the amount unfairly received was equal to approximately 1.5 million euros. Following the complaint, a report was sent to the social security institution and an attempt was made to prevent the payment of another 235 thousand euros that were unfairly requested.

A “pit” worth more than 500 million

The citizen’s income, which was replaced by the Participation Allowance paid to a much smaller audience during the implementation of the Meloni government in Italy, created a hole of approximately 505 million euros in the state coffers, and according to the report, this income will increase from 2019 to 2023. reached almost 50 thousand. Significant figures that cannot be found in any other European country with similar comparisons and which unfortunately are compared to tax evasion. In the black band of regions, Calabria ranks first, followed by Marche and Liguria. However, in terms of reported issues and amount of fraud, we see that Lombardy ranks first, followed by Campania and Sicily.

Source: Today IT