The US temporarily suspends liquefied gas exports to several countries

This decision does not affect the export of liquid gas to the allies of USA in Europe And Asiaeven though the countries in question do not have free trade agreements with Washingtonthe Minister of Energy stated during a press conference: Jennifer Granholm.

“We will ensure that our partners’ energy needs are met in the medium term,” Granholm said.

According to the secretary of Energythe suspension will have no consequences for the already permitted export of liquefied gas and, moreover, your department reserves the option to make exceptions to protect the national security of USA and protect relations with its allies.

The decision responds to the need to advance the EU’s climate agenda American president, Joe Bidenwho is committed to reducing emissions fossil fuelsincluding the natural gashe pointed Ali Zidithe president’s chief advisor on climate issues.

In particular the Ministry of Energy wants to evaluate whether current liquefied gas exports benefit or harm the economy public interest of the land and contributes negatively to pollution.

Source: El heraldo