The Supreme Court of Audit’s critical report on PiS was rejected thanks to Sawicki

The meeting of the Sejm State Control Committee had a surprising ending. And all thanks to PSL’s Marek Sawicki.

According to the Business Insider Polska website, the State Audit Commission has not accepted the Supreme Court of Auditors’ report on the support provided by the state to companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was requested by the head of the committee, one of the leaders of PSL, Marek Sawicki.

“The Supreme Court’s findings were particularly critical of the Polish Development Fund, and the chamber submitted a report to the prosecutor’s office against President Paweł Borys,” we read.

On Thursday, MPs reviewed the chamber’s critical assessment of the pandemic aid for entrepreneurs launched by the PiS government. The auditors had a number of charges against PFR’s financial drives. The institution led by Boris did not agree with such an assessment.

The company received unexpected support from PSL’s Marek Sawicki, who filed a motion not to accept the Supreme Court’s report and close the meeting. The proposal was adopted by the committee by vote.

“Non-standard solution” in the Sejm. Sawicki: I want to express your appreciation for PFR

– As MP Sawicki, I would like to personally express my appreciation for the PFR and the activities of the fund – said the head of the committee, announcing that he wanted to propose a “non-standard solution” to parliamentarians.

– I submit a formal proposal not to continue the discussion, not to accept the report of the Supreme Court of Audit. It does not change the fact that this report exists, it does not introduce any assessment – argued the PSL politician, quoted by Business Insider.

Eight delegates voted in favor of accepting the application, two were against and no one abstained. The portal points out that eight members of the new majority sit on the state control committee, PiS has seven representatives and the Confederation has one.

The Polish Development Fund, as one of the financial institutions particularly important for the flow of big money during the PiS government, had to be carefully monitored by the current government, which announced this during the election campaign.

Source: Do Rzeczy