Morawiecki sharply criticized Tusk’s government. There were also surprising words about the coalition’s promises

Revenge and hatred are the methods of action of those in power. It should have been a smiling Poland, but we have the cynical, hateful smile of Tusk – says Mateusz Morawiecki in Katowice.

On Friday, a press conference was held at the Law and Justice headquarters in Warsaw, during which Jarosław Kaczyński announced a series of open meetings in several Polish cities under the slogan “Let’s be together.”

During one of the meetings, former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave a speech. The politician said that the new authorities violated the rules of freedom and democracy. According to him, it is currently not the constitution and laws that determine the framework for the activities of individual ministries, but “very often it is determined by the minister’s Twitter entry.”

Morawiecki: Tusk’s government violates the constitution

– In many articles the Constitution was violated, laws were introduced, and the Minister of Justice entering the prosecutor’s office with locksmith tools and a specially selected team will go down in history and probably be there in 100 years as an example of anti-democratic behavior. , anti-freedom action – said one of the PiS leaders.

Morawiecki claimed that instead of the announced reconciliation, the plan is to “dig a Mariana Trench in the middle of Poland, which has never existed before.” – Revenge and hatred are the basic methods of action of those currently in power. Poland should have smiled, but we have the cynical, hateful smile of Tusk’s Joker, a smile that shows their real intentions in a terrible way – the former Prime Minister expressed his opinion.

Would Morawiecki want the government to pay with taxes for “dorms for one zloty” and 600 PLN rental subsidies?

The former head of government pointed out that the new team “boasts” of 800 PLN plus, 13 and 14 PLN pensions, and large expenditures on health care and defense, while these are the budget items that his government has planned.

A little later, the politician continued with the social promises of the ruling parties from the election campaign. – But they also had a lot of promises that they made. Where are these dormitories for 1 PLN, where is there a subsidy of 600 PLN on rent for young people? – He asked.

He then listed demands to reduce budgetary burdens, but the new authorities are in no hurry to implement them or are backing away from them. – Where is the volunteer SISTER? There is no such thing. Where is 6 thousand? PLN tax-free amount per month? Look at the 100 details of the program, or as I saw recently, 100 KO chops – he emphasized.

Błaszczak: Communism is coming back

In turn, a meeting was held in Białystok with the participation of Law and Justice politicians, including the head of the PiS parliamentary club, Mariusz Błaszczak.

– Today the authorities are liquidating Telewizja Polska and regional branches of TVP, as well as Polskie Radio, laying off employees and firing journalists. What is the purpose of all this? This is to cut off public opinion from independent information, the former defense minister said.

– Communism is coming back (…). Look what this ‘December 13 coalition’ consists of. There the communists play the first violin. And they are also in the European Parliament, Mariusz Błaszczak noted.

– What the ‘December 13 coalition’ does is benefit from the wealth that we have all earned, said the chairman of the PiS parliamentary club. And he called for participation in this year’s local elections.

Source: Do Rzeczy