A huge corruption scandal in Ukraine. Money for the purchase of ammunition was stolen

The Security Service of Ukraine discovered a corruption mechanism related to the purchase of ammunition for the army. It amounts to about 1.5 billion UAH (about 40 million USD).

The SBU exposed corruption in which – as reported – about 1.5 billion hryvnias (about 40 million dollars) were stolen from budget funds intended for the purchase of almost 100,000 hryvnias. mortar shells.

The suspects include senior officials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and members of the board of directors of a weapons company.

Ukraine. SBU: UAH 1.5 billion was stolen for the purchase of ammunition

Ukrainian investigators discovered that Ministry of Defense employees had signed a contract for the purchase of ammunition with the Lviv company Arsenał in August 2022. After receiving the full amount from the ministry, the company transferred part of the money to the account of a foreign entity that was supposed to supply ammunition to Ukraine. However, the company did not send any missiles and redirected the funds received to the accounts of a related structure in the Balkans. The rest of the ministry’s money was in the Ukrainian company’s accounts at a bank in Kiev.

One of the people involved in corruption was arrested when he tried to leave Ukraine. She faces a prison sentence of up to twelve years and confiscation of her property. The stolen money has been seized by the services and must flow back to the state budget.

Scandal in the Ukrainian army. The soldiers were given spoiled food

In mid-January, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense announced that it had inspected the warehouses of some military units in the east of the country. The inspection showed that the food did not meet the required standards. The Internet contained, among other things: photos of rotten bananas that were to be given to the frontline soldiers.

– We are responding to complaints from the military and that is why we came on an unscheduled visit to the units. We repair everything. The inspection found that the food was delivered on time, but the quality did not meet standards, said Vitaly Polovenko, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine. The ministry has announced that financial sanctions will be imposed on all companies where irregularities are found. If spoiled food rations are discovered, the ministry will demand reimbursement.

Source: Do Rzeczy