The most interesting visions of the future. What news can reach Polish homes?

Cars that can park sideways, increasingly smart robots as personal assistants, clothing that increases the effectiveness of exercise, intelligent mattresses that improve sleep and pillows that prevent snoring. During CES 2024, many new products were shown that may reach Polish homes in the future.

South Korean LG showed off the world’s first wireless transparent TV at CES 2024 in Las Vegas in January. LG Signature OLED T is a product for owners of luxury apartments who do not want the TV to become the focal point of the living room. The 77-inch screen blends in perfectly with its surroundings, as it becomes completely transparent when turned off. Furthermore, the latest model is designed so that content can only be displayed on part of the screen (the rest remains transparent). In theory, you will soon be able to follow Iga Świątek’s excellent playing and admire the sunset over the French Riviera at the same time. The new product of CES 2024 does not have to hang on the wall, but can wait to be turned on in a special structure that imitates furniture. LG representatives assure that the LG Signature OLED T model could go on sale this year. Initially, it will probably be so incredibly expensive that it will take a place on the podium among super gadgets that we cannot afford. The good news is that Samsung is working on similar technology, and healthy competition should bring prices down quickly.

Unfortunately, we already know how much the giant, accordion-folding TV showed at its fair price. The equivalent of about PLN 800,000 is sufficient. PLN ($200,000) and you can now order a TV for your living room, called N1 from C Seed, which when unfolded has a screen size of 137 inches. To enjoy such a large panel, just press the button and wait about 2.5 minutes. If someone wanted to have such a TV set in their garden, the version that can withstand different weather conditions will cost PLN 240,000. hole.

Source: Do Rzeczy