Advertisements for your own people

Bartosz Hojka, president of Agora, which publishes “Gazeta Wyborcza”, hopes that after the change of government, advertising from state finance and state institutions will return to his company. In connection with this statement, it is worth recalling where the financial flow flowed during the reign of the PO-PSL coalition.

The subject of state expenditure in the mass media regularly stirs up public opinion. This is not surprising: after all, it is hundreds of millions of zlotys that are sent to the media. Unfortunately, mostly for political reasons. The change of power, which officially took place in Poland on December 13, was greeted with relief at least on the liberal-left. At least, because in many editorial offices the champagne corks actually popped. Anyone who thinks it’s only about politics is wrong. This is of course important, but it is not the only factor.

Back to the past

During the eight years of the United Right, the liberal-left media openly criticized the government for depriving it of state money in various forms. Nothing unusual. Over the years they have become accustomed to this state of affairs being normal. This allowed them, among other things, to build their advantage and at the same time say platitudes about the free market. And this, when it comes to media, has always been distorted, although this is a topic for a whole separate story.

The media, which was against the government for eight years, is now counting on financial recovery.

Source: Do Rzeczy