Colombia: 85 million telephone lines and over 65 million telephones

These figures also reflect the market potential for an entire company that is also linked to the mobile phone sales chain and according to the ‘Digital Global Overview Report 2022‘Every Colombian, 51.39 million inhabitants, owns 1.2 of these devices.

The 2022 global report, which specifies that this is the case 65.75 million mobile phones in Colombia confirms how attractive it is for companies that invest in technology and promote the purchase of devices with new developments. And one of those technologies that international companies are taking advantage of is the technology commercialized in Colombia to filter harmful blue light in as many as 61% of phones.

“At TCL, we believe that advancing technology is not just about adding more features, but also about making them more accessible,” he says. Stefan StreitChief Marketing Officer (CMO) of TCL Communications.

The basis of the TCL NXTPAPER technology, TCL Communications explains, is that sharp images, vivid colors, deep contrast and natural movements are preserved.

Source: El heraldo