Petru makes an appeal: let’s continue with the implementation of the program

Third Way MP Ryszard Petru appealed to the entire ruling coalition. – Let us continue with the implementation of the economic program – he said.

– People already expect details or signals that something is going to happen, for example in the area of ​​health insurance premiums, which we have promised to restore or approximate to their original form. There is also the issue of Sunday trading, Ryszard Petru said on Radio Zet.

– Kamiński and Wąsik – the topic does not exist, because they have been convicted, pardoned and are not members of parliament. So let’s move forward with the implementation of the economic program within the governing coalition, the Third Way MP said, emphasizing that this is a call to the entire coalition.

– In the case of trade liberalization, for example, different opinions exist. We must sit down together as soon as possible and determine a formula that is acceptable to the coalition. And achieve it, said the chairman of the parliamentary economics committee.

– We have elections ahead of us and Poles can start holding us accountable for delivering on our economic promises – he added.

“We can’t afford it”

Ryszard Petru believes that electricity prices should not be frozen until the end of 2024. – In principle we cannot afford for the state to continue to subsidize prices. However, I am not in favor of a full release, because the price shock would be too great. This means that we have to somehow release prices smoothly after the six months in which they are frozen. And here I would not like to go into details, because it is a subject of discussion at the government level, but (…) we cannot have a situation where the state subsidizes everything – noted the politician of Poland 2050. As he It should be noted that the economy should not function on the basis of shocks and vibrations.

Let us not forget that in early December the Sejm adopted a law on freezing energy prices until June 31, 2024. 247 MPs were in favor, 1 against and 197 abstained. year was rejected. Several dozen amendments have already been adopted, including the amendment on the maximum price for electricity for small and medium-sized enterprises and sports facilities.

Source: Do Rzeczy