Landini angry at Calenda over penalties against union and Stellantis: “I sued him”

CGIL secretary Maurizio Landini announced that he had filed a complaint against Azione leader Carlo Calenda over the former minister’s accusations against the union regarding relations with Stellantis and ‘Repubblica’.

Landini, the guest of ‘Restart’ on Rai3, said: “Calenda will respond where it needs to respond”, the complaint “has already been made”. “Those who always protest and pay a high price” are blamed and attacked, he said, adding that “those speaking today are in government and making laws in favor of fiat.” “Everyone must answer, we have nothing to hide,” the union leader added.

Calenda’s accusations against Landini and ‘Repubblica’

The action leader had recently accused the union and the ‘Repubblica’ newspaper of so-called ‘indifference’ towards the Elkan family, the shareholder and company owner of Stellantis (a group resulting from the merger of FCA and the French PSA). ‘Exor holding, which controls the Gedi publishing group, of which Repubblica is a part.

In a video shown during the Rai3 broadcast, the former minister said, for example, that “it was more important for the union to get along with the shareholder of ‘Repubblica’ than to fight against the deindustrialization of the automotive sector.” The action leader made even more serious accusations in an interview given to him. ‘Messenger’: “Since the Elkanns bought the main newspaper of the left, ‘Repubblica’, the left and the CGIL have stopped talking about the escape of the old Fiat. Maurizio Landini went so far as to give an interview to that newspaper. I talk about the automotive crisis without mentioning Stellantis, the only Italian manufacturer”.

A version of this was also repeated on TV in PiazzaPulita (La7).

Calenda, Corrado Formigli’s guest, said, “The value of Repubblica is 100 million euros today.” “The annual marketing campaign of a large multinational corporation is worth $300, so if I want to get out of trouble with the left and the union, I will buy the biggest newspaper of the left, and you will see this by pure chance, Landini attacks Marchionne did not say the word Stellantis when production increased to 300 thousand vehicles, Elly Schlein’ You will see that he never says the word Stellantis.

Calenda’s answer: “Unheard of”

After Landini announced that he would take legal action, Carlo Calenda’s response came on social media. “Landini did not agree to a public confrontation against Stellantis, but decided to sue me – explains the former minister – an unheard of and unprecedented fact for a CGIL secretary against a Senator. The next position” Calenda’s ‘X He concludes his post published on .

Source: Today IT