Corporate mysteries There is an Italian company with a turnover of 9 billion euros, but no one knows what it does. Giulio D’Antoni’s turnover is higher than Ducati, Sorgenia, Campari or Snam. But no one knows him and most of all no one really knows what he does

Bills more than Esselunga, Snam, Campari, Ducati or Sorgenia. In Italy, Saipem is among the top 30 companies, right after giants such as Poste, Leonardo or Intesa. But no one knows him. Nobody really knows what they’re doing. And the center is an unnamed apartment in a building in Milan with a dilapidated doorbell.

What’s behind it Send Me by Milanese accountant Giulio D’Antoni is a complex puzzle. He is one of those who has billions of parts to recreate as much as the income of the company he founded at the end of 2020. A company that announced that it had a turnover of 9 billion euros on its balance sheet in 2021. If that’s not already incredible, you have to scroll down to the bottom line of the income statement and roll your eyes at the net profit of €8.98 billion. This figure is several billion more than the profits made by the Eni group that year. Looking at the top 10 companies in terms of turnover in Lombardy, Send to me is, as stated, right behind giants such as Telekom and Edison, and ahead of A2A and Esselunga.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have time”, click. The phone call, if you can call it that, ended in a matter of seconds. File and D’Antoni. The Send to me headquarters is actually “an apartment under renovation,” as a person living in the building told us. And we discovered that at least one of the professional experiences D’Antoni boasts about on Linkedin cannot be true.

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Source: Today IT