Wage increases! There will be increases again!

The minimum wage in Poland is growing at a pace not seen in any other EU country. In this category we not only overtook the countries of the region such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, but also Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Malta and Lithuania. And this is not the end of price increases. This year, the wages of millions of workers as well as the prices of goods and services will rise.

Five years ago, employees had a guaranteed salary of PLN 2,250 gross based on legal provisions. The minimum hourly rate in 2019 was PLN 14.7. Since then, however, politicians have tightened the clampdown on employers, causing labor costs to rise rapidly. At the beginning of January last year, the minimum wage for a full-time employee was PLN 3,490 (after an increase of PLN 3,010). However, 2023, an election year, had its own political rules, so on July 1, 2023 the second mandatory increase came into effect – on that day the so-called lowest national income officially increased to PLN 3,600 gross. And politicians said without hesitation that this was not their last word. From January 1, 2024, the minimum wage gross will be PLN 4,242, which is PLN 752 more than in January last year.

Source: Do Rzeczy