Bosak over CPK: Tusk softens. Experts point out that the government is so merciless that there is nothing to collect

The government started to soften a bit. Donald Tusk and Maciej Lasek no longer say directly that this investment will be plowed – said Krzysztof Bosak, Deputy Chairman of the Sejm of the Confederation, about CPK.

Bosak said on Radio Plus that the “Yes for CPK” campaign in defense of the construction of the Central Communications Gate is a “very interesting social phenomenon.”

– Tusk and the Platform have always had the reputation of being a party of experts, a party of economists. Meanwhile, experts, economists and analytical consultants are opposing Tusk’s government and questioning one of its political assumptions, namely the suspension of investments in the CPK, he said.

– And they score points mercilessly, so there is no point in accusing Civic Coalition politicians and Mr (Maciej) Lasek of running away from a direct debate with them – he added.

According to him, “the government has softened a bit.” – Tusk, at least rhetorically, began to change this rhetoric, even Mr. Lasek. They no longer directly say that this investment will be shelved and plowed under, he emphasized.

Bosak on CPK: I don’t understand why Tusk’s government wants to stop this

Bosak mentioned his conversation with MP Ryszard Petru (Trzecia Droga), who told him that “the railway component – ​​yes, the airport component – ​​no.” – It’s very dangerous. If inside they think they will implement the CPK project but without the airport, it will not satisfy anyone, he said.

He also said that the petition on the construction of the CPK had been signed by more than 70,000 people. people and “more need to be signed”.

– It is worth cultivating this phenomenon in the form of a social agitation that we want something more for our country, that we do not want Polish freight traffic to fly through Germany. We do not want the closest ports to the hub to be Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg. We want to have international connections here, so that business can travel to Warsaw or CPK, if that is built, he explained.

– I don’t understand why this government wants to stop this. I hear several rumors. I think it’s good for them to change their position, Bosak said.

Source: Do Rzeczy