Rapid increases in petrol and diesel: “green” at 1.85 per liter

Bad news for Italian drivers. After a calm period full of ups and downs, fuel prices are starting to rise “at a gallop” again, with widespread increases in both gasoline and diesel prices. The increases in average pump prices follow the price increases in refined products, especially diesel. According to the updated price lists of the Staffetta Quotidiana research, gasoline exceeds 1.85 euros per liter, while diesel is approaching 1.82 euros per liter. Several brands have also been involved in recent increases: On Saturday, Eni increased its recommended petrol and diesel prices by one cent per liter. We recorded an increase of two cents per liter on petrol and diesel for Tamoil and Q8, while there was the same increase for Ip.

New increases in gasoline and diesel: updated prices

These are the average prices recorded in approximately 18 thousand factories at 8 o’clock yesterday morning, transmitted by managers to the Ministry of Commerce and the Made in Italy Price Observatory and processed by Staffetta: self-service gasoline 1,850 euros/litre (+ 19 per thousand, companies 1,860, white pumps 1.828), self-service diesel 1.817 Euro/litre (+22, companies 1.827, white pumps 1.796). Gasoline was served at a price of 1,987 Euro/litre (+16, companies 2,033, white pumps 1,893), while diesel was served at 1,954 Euro/litre (+20, companies 2,000, white pumps 1,861). LPG 0.715 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 0.724, white pumps 0.704), methane 1.384 euro/kg (-2, companies 1.407, white pumps 1.365), LNG 1.222 euro/kg (-5, companies 1.234 euro/kg, white pumps 1.212 euro/kg). Average prices on highways are as follows: Self-service gasoline 1,937 euro/liter (service 2,200), self-service diesel 1,911 euro/liter (service 2,178), LPG 0,850 euro/liter, methane 1,508 euro/kg, LNG 1,241 euro/kilogram.

Source: Today IT