Polish farmers poured Ukrainian grain. The ambassador of Ukraine responds

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Wasyl Zwarycz expects a decisive response from Polish authorities and police to the spilling of grain from Ukrainian trucks by protesting farmers.

On Friday, farmers began protesting in more than 250 places in Poland against the introduction of the EU Green Deal and the influx of goods from Ukraine. Blockades of roads and highways are expected in several parts of the country until March 10. The police are calling on motorists to find alternative routes and avoid journeys where this is not necessary.

On Sunday, protesting farmers on National Road No. 12 leading to the Dorohusk border crossing stopped three Ukrainian trucks and dumped grain on the road. A video documenting the entire incident was published on social media.

The Ukrainian ambassador is outraged by the incident at the border with Poland. “A heinous crime”

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasyl Zvarycz said that the Ukrainian trucks that had been stopped by farmers and from which some of the grain had spilled had been sealed after customs and were in transit to Lithuania.

“The Embassy and Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin immediately asked the Polish police to investigate this shameful crime. The Polish police have initiated proceedings and initiated the necessary procedures,” Zwarycz was quoted by the Ukraińska Pravda portal.

According to him, “such methods of demonstrators should not be tolerated in a civilized European country, not to mention the moral aspect of this provocation.”

The diplomat demands that those responsible be found and held accountable. “The Polish authorities must respond decisively at the legal level to this shameful and insulting crime for Ukrainians and most Poles and not allow such barbaric actions in the future,” Zwarycz called on.

Poland’s ban on the import of grain and some other agricultural products from Ukraine has been in force since September 2023, when the EU embargo expired.

Source: Do Rzeczy