More than 730 female students participated in Enel’s program to reduce gender inequality in scientific professions

Support and encourage women’s access to scientific professions through financial contributions, mentoring activities and company orientation days, thereby contributing to the promotion of gender equality in business and breaking down all stereotypes and prejudices that still prevent women from taking university courses in STEM today. fields. For this purpose, Enel launched the Back to School program.

On the occasion of International Women in Science Day, which is celebrated all over the world today, the group announced that the third Back to School has already involved more than 730 schoolgirls from all over Italy and around 150 experts in the field of STEM. Area of ​​the Enel group.

Thanks to the program, periodic meetings were held in 61 Italian high schools; Here, group professionals put their experience, motivation and expertise at the disposal of third, fourth and fifth year students, inspiring and encouraging them to access training courses. . Scientific work.

In addition, the girls had the opportunity to participate in a competition on the future themes of combating climate change and promoting gender equality, and submitted videos outlining their strategies for responding to these challenges. At the end of the competition, the five students who created the most interesting project proposals were awarded a financial contribution of 5 thousand euros each, to be used to support the costs of enrollment at a STEM university faculty.

Additionally, as part of the programme, interested students are given the opportunity to attend a valid orientation course at Enel in recognition of 20 hours of PCTO training credits (transversal skills and orientation courses).

Enel’s Back to School project represents a concrete women’s empowerment initiative that starts at school and aims to contribute to reducing gender inequality: even today, in fact, access to scientific professions, which are on average the most in demand by companies and therefore better paid, is still predominantly It is the privilege of men. The latest survey on the profile of Almalaurea graduates highlights that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates are mostly male: 59.1%, compared to 40.9% of women, especially in the IT and ICT technology groups and the Industry and Informatics sectors . Engineering group where male presence exceeds two-thirds.

The Back to School initiative is part of Enel’s wider drive to promote gender equality and contributes to numerous other events taking place globally with open and innovative forms of education, in which more than 30,000 girls worldwide have participated in the last 7 years: inspirational talks , inspirational talks, company orientation, cross-skilling courses, scholarships and much more.

A concrete commitment also recognized by independent organisations: Enel was included in Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index for the fourth consecutive year in 2023 and is among the leading companies worldwide in the adoption of corporate policies that promote gender inclusion.

Source: Today IT