Will the government introduce a new tax? Possibly from 2025.

The cabinet is working on a bill on a new method of financing public media. It is possible that the new tax will come into effect in 2025.

Bogdan Zdrojewski, chairman of the parliamentary committee for culture and media, announced that work is underway on a comprehensive reform of the financing of public media.

According to Wirtualne Media, two scenarios are being taken into account. The first assumes financing from the state budget, which will replace the annual subsidy. This solution works in many European countries. – So that the public media have certain guaranteed funds, not annually, but in the long term – Senator Zdrojewski emphasized.

New tax?

Option two is the audiovisual allowance. It would be collected automatically every month at PIT and CIT, for an amount of approximately PLN 9. – With this concept, all existing exemptions would apply, i.e. for the disabled, blind, veterans, etc. There is also a proposal to extend this to be extended to children and young people up to the age of 26. The reimbursement would be based on the home address and the household member, the taxpayer. Not from a smartphone or a specific device. Audiovisual fees are also charged in other European countries – explains the KO MP.

It would be possible to exempt from the fee people who do not use content uploaded through various channels to devices that broadcast music or images. The law on new methods of media financing should be ready by the end of September.

The government is in a hurry because the public media is now in a very difficult financial situation after the takeover by the new authorities. President Andrzej Duda has vetoed the budget bill, so for now they cannot count on compensation. In addition, the National Broadcasting Council does not want to transfer money from radio and television license fees. The reason is the illegal takeover of TVP and Polskie Radio.

Wirtualne Media’s website reports that the National Broadcasting Council wants to transfer the money to a judicial deposit. ‘This means a complicated procedure. TVP alone has received over Złoty 2 billion in license fees and compensation in recent years. 800 million złoty from advertisements alone is not enough. Experts expect that public media will take out loans or sell bonds. payday loans’ ‘Stable financing of TVP or Polish radio can only be guaranteed through legal reforms,’ the portal notes.

Source: Do Rzeczy