Plowing on fallow land

Prof. Andrzej Solecki I Realizing the benefits of set-aside should allow us to rationalize the fight against EU demands

When writing his book “Ploughing on Ugorze”, published in 1935, which was awarded the Golden Academic Laurel of the Polish Academy of Literature, Jan Wiktor probably could not have expected that almost 90 years later the title would perfectly fit the situation of Polish and European agriculture.

The stormy farmers’ strikes, which have now spread to Poland, are linked, among other things, to the issues of wasteland and agricultural cultivation. The green climate frenzy to which the decision-makers of the European Union and, unfortunately, a significant part of academia have succumbed can only be compared to the new Soviet biology that refers to Lamarck’s theory of the inheritance of characteristics acquired by the Lysenkoism, called “Soviet Creative Darwinism” in the USSR..

As we see the absurdities of this new left-wing ideology, we should not forget the rational elements that underlay its birth. Such elements are fallow land and crop rotation, and it would be good to remind them of their history so that when the elites understand the futility of the green ideology, they do not throw the baby out with the bathwater when they reject it.

Source: Do Rzeczy