These would be the government candidates for the Ecopetrol Board

“We have already served on its board of directors Ecogasoline Unpleasant Edwin Palma, who was chairman of the USO and is now the government’s deputy minister of labor. He decides whether he wants to become a senator or remain on the board of Ecopetrol. We asked Ricardo Roa (Chairman of Ecopetrol) that makes the transition from traditional hierarchical management to employee management, marking a new direction,” the president said on February 14.

One day after the words of head of statethe fate of Deputy Minister Palma was described in a letter that the Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla, sent to Roa with the nine candidates that the government will nominate in a plan to renew the government. Ecopetrol sign.

According to information from the newspaper El Tiempo, a letter has been revealed stating who the newspaper’s postulates are national government to the Board of Directors of Ecopetrol dated February 15.

Source: El heraldo