Milleproroghe, what changes in taxes, bonuses and pensions: the news

Confidence in the Chamber’s Milleproroghe with 174 votes in favor and passage of the decree to the Senate, where it must be approved by February 28th. Milleproroghe that this year brings a series of important innovations. The first concerns the “tax benefit” that public administrators will be able to enjoy for another six months and which will be in force until December 31st. Tool introduced with the Simplifications decree to limit the liability of public and private employees or administrators for damages to the treasury only in cases of fraud, excluding serious negligence on the part of employees. Funding for the psychologist’s prize is increasing: the executive, in fact, allocated 10 million euros instead of the 8 initially planned. The provision will allow anyone who requests it to receive a contribution of up to 50 euros per session within 270 days of the request. Citizens who have an ISEE of less than 50 thousand euros will be able to request it and the amount obtained will vary depending on the income brackets with a maximum limit of 1500 euros. The Fund to Combat Eating Disorders was also refinanced by 10 million.

Revolution for fixed-term contracts: companies will have more time to extend those that exceed the twelve-month period without having to specify reasons. The employer will only have to specify the technical, organizational and productive needs that will justify the extension of the fixed-term contract. Important news for housing credit: relief when purchasing a first home will continue throughout 2024. Only those under 36 years of age with an ISEE of up to 40 thousand euros will be able to request it and it is also valid for the pre-contract as long as it has been registered before December 31, 2023. The deed, however, must be formalized by December 31, 2024. In Irpef – therefore on the tax front – the executive then accepted the farmers’ request, inserting relief for a period of two years 2024 -2025. The exemption for agricultural and property income has a value of up to 10 thousand euros, while for higher amounts the relief is applied in a limited way and will amount to 50% of the Irpef due. The obligation to insure tractors traveling on the road will then be postponed for six months.

News also for those who did not pay the quarterly scrapping installments, which were due on October 31st and November 30th, respectively. So you have until March 15th to do this. The objective of the measure is to recover at least part of the 5.4 billion euros still missing. To facilitate payments, the deadline for the third installment was also extended until March 15th. The measure also includes the reopening of deadlines for regretting income tax returns. An amendment will, in fact, make it possible to correct errors or omissions in the declaration. After much controversy, a new extension of anti-vax sanctions. In fact, the third consecutive postponement of the payment of fines has arrived: payments blocked until December 31st. More than 1.7 million individuals violated the law and generated possible income of more than 150 million euros for the State with their sanctions, net of litigation. However, the discussion was postponed until 2025.

Infirmary doctors up to the age of 72: National Health Service companies will be able to increase the pension limit for this age to cover medical and health managers who request it by December 31, 2025. With this measure, the executive wants combat staff shortages in hospital facilities. Furthermore, the milleproroghe provides for the compensation of overpaid taxes on contracts concluded until the end of the year. The VAT reduction and tax simplifications for the third sector were extended until January 1, 2025. Telematic methods extended until April 30, 2024 for assemblies and bodies wishing to hold their meetings. Finally, the cut in contributions to support the edition, now scheduled for 2027, will also be postponed for two years.

Source: IL Tempo