More than 90 companies in Poland have reported their intention to lay off employees. “A clear upward trend”

In Poland, the number of companies planning to lay off workers is increasing. Experts indicate that the situation on the labor market is much more serious than evidenced by the employment contraction data.

In twelve employment offices in the Voivodeship that responded to the questions of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, more than ninety companies reported their intention to lay off almost 8,000 people in the first quarter. staff. A year ago, companies active in their region considered terminating the employment relationships of more than 4,000 people. people, and reports came from more than 80 factories.

The newspaper emphasizes that we are dealing with a clear upward trend, because the number of companies planning group reductions is increasing every month. The newspaper also refers to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, according to which last year 364 factories across the country reported 30.6 thousand. employees to be dismissed – by 6.7% respectively. and more than 47 percent more than in 2022

“The reasons for the planned cuts are primarily the economic situation, including the slowdown observed in the Eurozone, which translates into a drop in orders and, as a result, into financial difficulties for domestic entrepreneurs. Because at the same time the costs of running companyif only because of the increase in wages,” we read.

Companies in Poland are reducing employment. Which industries are laying off the most workers?

The industries laying off the most people include industrial processing and the IT sector, which according to “DGP” has to some extent become a “victim of its own success”.

“The industry grew during the pandemic, when the need to shift to remote working and learning fueled growth, additionally supported by funding from various sources intended for digital transformation. Now many projects started back then have been completed or are nearing completion,” explains the daily…

The newspaper emphasizes that workers are being laid off by both small and large companies, and not just in groups. “Experts indicate that the situation on the labor market is much more serious than appears from the data on group layoffs. Many people work in the IT industry on the basis of B2B contracts. They are not covered by group layoffs and will lose their jobs,” reports “DGP .”

Source: Do Rzeczy