The Cartagena refinery is approaching 200,000 barrels of cargo per day

In addition, it achieved historic sales of 76.5 million barrels of fuel, of which 54.7 million barrels were marketed in the market domestic and 21.7 million barrels abroad.

The results are due to the continuous operation of the units rawcompliance with the stops floorsthe implementation by new technologyGand good energy efficiency practices.

The Cartagena Refinery It also took important steps in energy transition and decarbonization, reducing emissions by 46,428 tonnes carbon dioxide (CO2)exceeding the 2023 target and completing the construction of the first phase of the solar park to generate 4 megawatts of renewable energy.

Similarly, in its objective to reduce raw water consumption in operations to achieve the goal of water neutrality by 2045, it has an index of recirculation And reuse of 63.4% and positions itself at Level 1 of leadership among the world’s major refiners in the management and efficiency of the water.

Source: El heraldo