Vercelli, Piedmont Innovation Roadshow: investments and businesses for the development of the region

Regional development, innovation and businesses. These and much more at the second Vercelli stop of ANGI – National Association of Young Innovators’ Piedmont Innovation Roadshow. Excellent audience engagement and content. After last year’s great success, the initiative was enthusiastically renewed with a stop in Novara on 26 March and in Vercelli today; The offices of the European Parliament in Italy were always nearby (represented by Dr. Carlo Corazza) and with the main partnership of CSI Piemonte.

To begin with, greetings and corporate interventions from Vercelli Mayor Andrea Corsaro; Maurizio Gomboli, Marketing and Communications Manager CSI Piedmont; Marco Brugo Ceriotti, President of Confindustria Novara Vercelli Valsesia Young Entrepreneurs Group; Andrea Notari, President of Confindustria Piemonte Young Entrepreneurs.

Maurizio Gomboli, Head of Marketing and Communications at CSI Piedmont: “I am very pleased to represent CSI at this important event. As CSI, we have been supporting public administrations for almost 50 years, precisely to transfer the most innovative digital technologies to our own structure. In recent years, the number of consortium members (national “Today we have experienced a significant increase in production and development capacity, from the automation of processes to the improvement of our digital assistant Camilla, to the creation of large predictive models with Urban Digital Twins, to name just one example.” . We always guarantee maximum data and application security,” concludes Gomboli.

“We are pleased with the great turnout for this new phase of our Piedmont innovation roadshow in Vercelli. Important content emerged from the discussion, showing that public-private sector synergy is the basis of the economic and social progress of the country’s system. At ANGI, we are at the forefront of considering regions, businesses and young people as key to the growth of Italy and Europe. A special thank you to all the partners and speakers who spoke today” – hence ANGI President Gabriele Ferrieri.

Many topics will be discussed at the conference: from new materials to new energy sources; From impact innovation, growth strategies and resource incorporation to smart cities for solutions for impact on the environment and regions; From training and skills to the components of a conscious digital transition.

Many companies, start-ups, large companies and universities were the heroes of the conference; specifically speaking: Beatrice Carolina Iaia, CEO of Bio Titan; Gabriele Alvisi, Founder of DR-i; Federico Sandrone, CEO of Coesa Srl; William Nonnis, Technical Operational Analyst for digitalization and innovation at the Cabinet Office, PNRR Mission structure; Chiara Bacilieri, Head of Research and Innovation at Lifeed; Stefano Zordan, Co-Founder of OLI Ivrea; Christian Clarizio, President of open innovation center Biella; Desireè Bonaldo, Founder Strategy; Silvia Basiglio, Business Psychologist; Valentina Rizzi, Division Manager, Jefferson Wells ManPower Group; Alberto Marazzato, Marazzato Group CEO; Andaf Vice President Paola Muraro; Fabio Polettini, Supreme Court lawyer in energy law and labor law; Canavisia General Manager Davide Menghi; Elena Nabot, Head of Ermete Training Training Center: Unipegaso, Unimercatorum, San Raffaele; Alessandro Benvegnù, lawyer and enthusiast of new technologies; Alessandro Piccica, Marketing Director FC Pro Vercelli 1892; Massimo Benedetti, Founder of Studio Miller.

Source: Today IT