Shelter fashion

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, many companies have appeared on the market offering the construction of private shelters. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, entrepreneurs not only in Poland, but also in many countries around the world, realized the profit potential. It’s worth being careful as many of the facilities on offer have little in common with shelters. You have to spend several hundred thousand zlotys on a professional shelter

The number of private bunkers is increasing, especially in Europe. Investors have noticed that growing fears of an impending global conflict are driving people to spend their vast savings on decent housing rather than buying a second home by the sea, a lake or in the mountains.

Last week the Italian press reported that Franciacorta, in the north of the country, would become the country’s first “bunker village”. These are not just any bunkers, because inside they are adapted to survive not only regular bombing or enemy artillery fire, but also to survive even a nuclear war. According to the newspaper Corriere Della Sera, as many as eight such facilities are being built close together in a village near Brescia. Each bunker, five meters underground, must be 40 square meters in size. living space and is designed for up to five people. There is also an underground utility room where you can store food with a long shelf life, as well as huge water tanks with a capacity of thousands of liters.

Prices start from PLN 180,000. euros (equivalent to PLN 767,000). In return, the company offers reinforced concrete walls 60 cm thick, special hatches designed to withstand even a bomb explosion, and a special filtration system whose task is to supply the interior with air purified from all impurities that result are from the explosion of conventional bombs and even an atomic bomb. As the developer’s representative said in an interview with “Corriere Della Sera”, the first interested parties are already calling…

Source: Do Rzeczy