China has launched an anti-dumping investigation into chemicals from the US, Europe, Taiwan and Japan

China announced this Sunday opening of an anti-dumping investigation affecting the European Union, USA, Taiwan and Japan due to a chemical called polyformaldehyde copolymer, Official sources reported this.

In a statement, China’s Ministry of Commerce noted that The investigation will be completed in a yearwith the possibility of extension for another six months.

According to the said portfolio, the decision complies with the anti-dumping rules of the Asian country and was made after analyze data provided by six companies who requested this measure on behalf of the domestic sector.

The subject of the study will be a polyformaldehyde copolymer known as POM copolymer, imported from the EU, USA, Taiwan and Japan. during the period from January 1 to December 31, 2023.

This will also be analyzed “Possible damage to Chinese industry POM copolymer for this period.”

Photo: Pexels

The chemical being measured can be used to replace metals such as zinc and copper, and is used in the production of electronic equipment, automotive parts and medical equipment, among other things.

The announcement came the same week that the European Commission opened two anti-dumping investigations into Chinese imports tin products and multi-layer wood flooring, which complement the electric vehicle, solar and health products industries launched this year.

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Also this week, the US government announced $18 billion in new tariffs. to imports of products from China, with electric vehicles being the most heavily taxed, ranging from 25% to 100%.

In addition, the Chinese measure was made public. the day before Taiwanese President-elect William Lai takes office (Lai Ching-te), whom Beijing has branded a “separatist” and a “troublemaker.”


Source: Aristegui Noticias