A manifesto for innovation in Europe. appointment to the House of Representatives

Manifesto for innovation in Europe, guidelines and recommendations for the development of the economic and industrial ecosystem on behalf of young people, new technologies and Made in Italy. This and much more forms the basis of the initiative supported by ANGI – the National Association of Young Innovators, a reference point for innovation and digital in Italy, and announced tomorrow, May 23, at 10:00 in the press room of the House of Representatives.

An event attended by a large number of civil society and ruling class representatives to support project points aimed at supporting the development of businesses, young talents, education and innovation of all kinds. The proposals and guidelines are therefore addressed to both Italian and European institutions, in the hope that they can be a warning and a call highlighting the importance of providing greater support for innovative businesses, investments in future generations and technology transfer.

In particular, the following will speak at the press conference, with bipartisan support from various parliamentary representatives: Alessandro Giglio Vigna, President of the European Union Policy Commission; Walter Rizzetto, Chairman of the Public and Private Labor Commission; Patty L’Abbate, Vice Chair of the Environment, Territory and Public Works Committee; Andrea Casu, Member of the Transport, Postal and Telecommunications Commission. These include important representatives of institutions and civil society: Francesco Tufarelli, Director General of the Council Presidency; Enea Agency General Manager Giorgio Graditi; CNR – National Research Council Chief Technologist and Mobility Manager Gianpiero Ruggiero; William Nonnis, Technical Operational Analyst for digitalization and innovation at the Cabinet Office, PNRR Mission structure; Domenico Lombardi, Professor of the Practice of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Observatory at the Luiss School of Government; Univerde Foundation President Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio; Jacopo Ierussi, President of the Italian Influencer Association Assoinfluencer.

The study was conducted by ANGI president Gabriele Ferrieri, prof. Roberto Baldassari, Director of the ANGI Scientific Committee, and Francesco Paolo Russo, ANGI Director General. Moderation is entrusted to Ylenia Totino.

“This manifesto for innovation in Europe was born as a contribution of young Italian innovators to institutions and Europe, with the aim of highlighting the importance of further developing and supporting investments to promote a new industrial policy for innovation, focusing on the education of young people. people, democracy and participation in a prosperous and peaceful future”. Thus Gabriele Ferrieri, President of ANGI.

Source: Today IT