Prices that give you a warm feeling

Expanding the program of freezing energy prices and applying subsidies could, at best, delay the implementation of the judgment signed against Poland in connection with climate policy.

The less time remained until July 1, the more political scientists and political marketing specialists wondered why the ruling coalition remained so inactive in adopting any form of aid for citizens. There was no shortage of voices saying that Paulina Hennig-Kloska, the Climate Minister representing Poland 2050, was to blame for everything, and that she had even misunderstood the 30% increase. with a price increase of PLN 30. The prolonged period of uncertainty was immediately taken up by representatives of the United Right, who started calling for a freeze on energy prices as soon as possible.

Let go or maintain?

Ultimately, Donald Tusk’s cabinet only adopted its own solutions in early May. According to them, people with lower incomes will be able to use energy vouchers and the maximum electricity price has been set at PLN 500/MWh. However, this does not fundamentally change the fact that from July 1, the electricity bill will increase by almost 30%, and the gas bill by approximately 15%. Such drastic increases have not occurred in our country for a long time.

Source: Do Rzeczy