Elektra loses protection and must pay over 18 billion for ISR

Elektra loses protection and must pay over 18 billion for ISR

The Collegiate Court denied Grupo Elektra protection, so the company must pay income tax arrears (ISR) in the amount 18 billion pesosmore profit.

The company of Ricardo Salinas Pliego requested a revision of the decree of October 21, 2020, which already ordered him to pay taxes.

This is the ISR corresponding to the period from 2008 to 2012, which the company tried to pass off as tax losses on transactions related to Mexicana de Aviación.

The company filed an appeal and demanded the recusal of the judges involved in the case.

Moreover, he has already demanded that the case will be brought to the country’s Supreme Court (SKZHN).

Despite the decision, the company may still seek intervention from a higher authority, so the case may take longer.

Multi-million dollar debt

Salinas Pliego’s company has an outstanding tax debt of sixty-three billion pesos.

According to the Tax Administration Service (SAT), seventeen lawsuits are open against the company.

The debts stem from outstanding debt since 2008 and originally stood at 38 billion, although revenues and accumulated tax benefits now total 63 billion.

“If due, it is paid; If you don’t have to, you don’t pay.”

Via a message in your account X –previously Twitter – Ricardo Salinas Pliego reiterated that If your company owes money, it will be paid. but if this is not demonstrated, then it will not be done.

“I remind you that the Supreme Court is the final authority and against the weight; “We will continue to defend our case and will never agree to or accept what we consider to be double-crossing, inappropriate, erroneous and offensive allegations.”

He added that all his companies and himself had always paid high taxes and that “in the end it is the judiciary, with its autonomy and independence, that will decide what is right.”

Source: Aristegui Noticias