There is an ongoing discussion in Germany about reducing benefits for Ukrainians

This year, the German state plans to spend between 5.5 and 6 million euros on financing Ukrainians.

Many leading German politicians believe that social benefits for Ukrainian refugees should be limited. In their opinion, the current situation is becoming increasingly “difficult to explain” to their voters, The Guardian writes about the issue.

“About 1.1 million Ukrainians have sought refuge in Germany following the large-scale invasion of their country by Russia in February 2022. They are entitled to a social benefit called Bürgergeld, or ‘citizen income’, of €563 per month. Married couples receive €506 per month. person, and children are entitled to benefits ranging from 357 to 471 euros per month, depending on their age. The German state also reimburses expenses such as rent, heating and healthcare,” we read in the article.

According to the German Finance Ministry, the state will spend between 5.5 and 6 million euros this year to finance Ukrainians.

– It is quite possible that the reason why we have a particularly large number of Ukrainians in Germany, in contrast to other neighboring countries such as France, is that we have these high social benefits that are not available anywhere in Europe – said Thomas Strobl, Minister of the Interior Affairs of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

Reports indicate that the German government has so far rejected demands to reduce social benefits for Ukrainians and has stated that it has no intention of revising the regulations.

Change also in Poland

The results of the latest survey “Social perception of refugees from Ukraine, migrants and actions of the Polish and Ukrainian state” have been published by “Rzeczpospolita”. The conclusion drawn from this is clear: “The positive attitude of Poles towards the aid offered to them and towards themselves is decreasing.”

Only 31 percent believed that Poland should “definitely” continue to help Ukraine. subjects. For comparison: in January 2023 this was 62%. The answer ‘prefer’ was chosen by 43 percent. respondents. There has been an increase in the group opposing aid to Ukraine. Currently that is 19 percent.

Source: Do Rzeczy