PAC 2000A Conad approves budget: 2023 turnover exceeds 5 billion, +9.2% in 2022

This morning in Rome, the Budget Meeting of PAC 2000A Conad, the first Cooperative of the Conad Consortium in terms of the number of entrepreneurs involved and turnover, was held, during which the positive results of the past year were presented to the Members and the New Board of Directors was appointed in accordance with the Statutes.

In 2023, the PAC 2000A Group demonstrated great resilience and proved to be a leading brand in the Central and Southern Italian regions, closing the year with a total turnover of 5.28 billion euros and a net worth of 969 billion euros, an increase of 9.2% compared to 2022. million Euros and a net profit of 55 million Euros. With 1,083 Entrepreneurial Members, 1,525 sales points and 100 concept stores (Pharmacists, Opticians, Conad Self 24h Distributors and PetStores), the Cooperative continued to work with determination and dedication to create value for the regions in which it is present: Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.

Despite the complex macroeconomic scenario that characterized the past year, the Group once again achieved strong growth across the top line. PAC 2000A introduced policies to protect customers’ purchasing power to meet their needs to counter strong inflation growth, which averages 11.3% in 2023, but peaks at up to 16% in the first months of the year. Maintaining competitive prices through a strategy for innovation and digitalization despite increasing operating costs.

The sales network, which opened 83 new stores in 2023, achieved a turnover of 7.19 billion Euros last year (+9.4% in 2022) with a general market share of 20.24% in the regions where it operates. The brand leads in Umbria (32.28%), Lazio (30.69%) and Calabria (26.08%), second in Sicily (14.62%) and third in Campania (14.31%) It is located.

Results that highlight the competitiveness and relevance of PAC 2000A in the local and national economic scenario, and also that it contributes through the social value it generates. This is clearly seen in the Group’s attention to the professional development of 29,102 employees, including employees of the Cooperative, Network and its subsidiaries, and in the cooperation with 982 national companies, 52% of which are located in the 5 operating regions. The cooperative signed agreements for the supply of goods and achieved a turnover of over 537 million Euros.

In addition to its tangible contribution to supporting the economy and employment, the company is committed to building solid relationships with communities and contributes to collective well-being through the financing and promotion of social enterprises. A commitment that will result in donations of over €1.4 million in 2023 to charity projects, sponsorships of cultural and sporting events and collaborations with non-profit organisations.

“In the face of an ever-evolving market, our company has demonstrated an unprecedented spirit of adaptability that allows us to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs in all the regions in which we are present. PAC 2000A has always been able to grow and change in the interests of its members, regions, communities and people, while being mindful of its role as a promoter of economic and social development. Looking to the future, I am confident that we will be ready to face every challenge and seize every opportunity with the same determination and vision that brought Conad to market leadership in Italy,” said Claudio Alibrandi, President of PAC 2000A Conad.

Also in 2023, PAC 2000A is committed to supporting customers’ purchasing power, promoting numerous loyalty initiatives, a solid policy for Conad branded products (MDD) and savings operations such as Availablei Semper e Bassi and Fissi, which are especially appreciated by customers. The first allows customers to constantly purchase branded products at advantageous prices without relying solely on promotional periods, while the second, Bassi and Fissi, consists of a basket containing over 600 Conad branded products at lower prices. Compared to the market average, further strengthened by the introduction of large formats and multipacks in 2023.

The increase in the share of the Bassi and Fissi references compared to 2022 (+2.5%), which recorded an average price of 1.38 euros, gave Italian families an additional average savings of approximately 23 million euros, equivalent to a 3.7% discount, which also helped in the fight against it. annual inflation.

“2023 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for our industry; The fact that inflation clearly showed its effect on the shelves led consumers to look for more suitable solutions without sacrificing quality. PAC 2000A responded with a strategy aimed at preserving customers’ purchasing power through increased promotional activities and valuation of Conad branded products. We have intensified our efforts to innovate our offering and clearly convey the convenience that our network can offer. An approach that rewards our network of sales points, whose turnover is approaching a record figure of 7.2 billion euros in 2023, confirming the continuous growth trend and the solidity of our company,” said Danilo Toppetti, Executive Delegate of PAC 2000A Conad.

The cooperative has also reinforced its commitment to ESG issues with the launch of the PAC 2000A Sustainability Project in 2023, which aims to monitor, report and transparently communicate the commitment to the sustainable development of regions and communities. PAC 2000A aims not only to improve its environmental and social performance, but also to contribute significantly to collective and environmental well-being by inspiring trust and transparency among customers, members, collaborators and all stakeholders.

Francesco Cicognola, General Manager of PAC 2000A Conad, said: “Thanks to the significant investments made in digital technologies, innovation and the modernization of our distribution centers, we are improving the consumer experience, the operational efficiency of our logistics system and our points of sale. Contributing to the creation of long-term value for all our Members and confirming the solidity, growth and success of the company in the future. As a successful company in a rapidly evolving world, it is essential for us to continue to embrace change with vision, capacity for action and determination. In order to guarantee our competitiveness and our relevance in the national economic environment, we will dedicate resources to the adoption of the most advanced technologies, the optimization of our digital processes and the continuous professional development of our employees and business partners. Sustainability, which is increasingly becoming an integral part of the company’s vision and mission, will lead us to set clear goals in all areas of our business strategy.”

Source: Today IT