Mauro Cucci (Wind Tre): “Now speed up on 5G”

Mauro Cucci (Wind Tre): “Now speed up on 5G”

An important contribution to the dissemination of technology can come from Pnrr resources allocated to territorial coverage

5G in Italy is now a reality. But we need to speed up. «That’s why the government must accept Confindustria’s proposal to also include connectivity services between tax credits also through the installation of private networks» Mauro Cucci, director of the Business division at Wind Tre (in the photo), explains to Il Tempo.

5G coverage in Italy has already reached good levels, what is needed to complete the evolution based on fifth generation technology?

«Wind Tre proved to be the operator that most believed in 5G technology, with coverage of 96.8% of the population in 5G DSS mode and 73.5% in TDD, which allows us to make typical 5G applications viable in larger areas. 5G ecosystem thanks to its low latency characteristics, the possibility of supporting up to one million devices per square kilometer and the implementation of network slicing functions. An important contribution could come from the Pnrr funds intended to cover the territories, as well as the Transition 5.0 incentive package. In this case, it is important that the government accepts Confindustria’s proposal to also include connectivity services among tax credits, in order to accelerate the adoption of 5G, also through the installation of private networks”. What can we expect in the domain of corporate applications and public administration?
“5G is capable of supporting use cases in numerous areas, also thanks to its high standards of reliability, service continuity and security. If we look at logistics infrastructures such as ports, airports, trade exchanges, 5G enables functions such as autonomous driving of vehicles such as drones, trolleys, cranes, heavy transport vehicles, but also access control to gates and sensitive areas through video analytics, connectivity to IoT sensors or industrial machines.”

Can we cite some examples of services already active?

«Speaking of practical cases, Wind Tre is creating a private industrial 5G network in the port of Genoa to create a smart port. In Milan, however, we are carrying out several initiatives in the Mind area, for example in the field of smart construction, where drones are used to reconstruct a digital twin in the cloud. There are also very interesting use cases in broader contexts where it is not possible to build private mobile networks, but a public 5G network must be used. We can mention the project initiated with the industrial grouping of the Malibu project, led by Nais, to create a series of operational services aimed at making the surveillance and monitoring system for road defects in urban contexts more efficient. Through dedicated sensors installed in Atac vehicles in Rome it will be possible to measure the quality of the air and the road surface.
Another central point of the digital transition is cybersecurity, an increasingly important aspect also in light of the geopolitical scenario.
«We know that in this context telecommunications operators play a key role because they constitute the gateways to the web, as well as managing sensitive data and information. This awareness leads us to invest significant resources in innovation and training employees and collaborators. The attention we place on cybersecurity is demonstrated by the “100% secure companies” objective of our ESG plan, that is, protecting our business customers through dedicated, cutting-edge and always-on solutions.”

What are Wind Tre’s proposals in this area?

«Our goal is to offer a set of security solutions that cover training, the security posture of devices and processes, the constant monitoring of security perimeters and response and resolution activities due to cyber attacks. In this sense, in 2023 we acquired 70% of Rad, an Italian company specialized in cybersecurity solutions, we also started agreements with leading partners to make our cybersecurity packages increasingly complete, aimed at companies of all sizes and for Pa”.

Source: IL Tempo