Rheinmetall with a record order from the Bundeswehr

German arms company Rheinmetall has won a record order from the Bundeswehr. It is also seeking a major contract with the US.

The subject of the contract is trucks. The company announced that it had signed a framework agreement that provides for the supply of up to 6,500 vehicles for a total amount of up to 3.5 billion euros.

A record order for the Bundeswehr for Rheinmetall

Under the contract, 610 vehicles worth over 300 million euros were immediately ordered, and 250 trucks will be delivered later this year, the website of the Handelsblatt newspaper reported. A large part of the deal will be paid from a special 100 billion euro Bundeswehr fund that the federal authorities set up after Russia attacked Ukraine.

In the past, Rheinmetall has repeatedly supplied military trucks to the German army. The company is also seeking a large order from the Pentagon for transport vehicles for the US army.

German media report that if an agreement is reached with the Pentagon, the order could be much larger than the one for the Bundeswehr. In circles close to the company it is said that Americans would order about 40,000. transport vehicles. The value of the contract is estimated at almost 16 billion euros, Handelsblatt reports.

At the end of June, the Bundeswehr ordered ammunition worth around 8.5 billion euros from a company in Düsseldorf.

Germany to increase military service

Journalists in Germany note that 13 years after the withdrawal of compulsory military service, the head of the German Ministry of National Defense presented the idea of ​​​​re-enlisting soldiers. In addition, Boris Pistorius plans to appoint 200,000 reservists and expand military service to women.

The ministry plans to send surveys to 18-year-old boys and girls to find out who is ready for service. 400,000 people will receive them, of whom 40,000 will be selected and called up for military meetings.

Source: Do Rzeczy