Show me, doctor, what you’ve got in the garage?

FOREVER | In 2024, we, Poland, will pay a total of over PLN 153 billion to the National Health Fund.

This is a huge amount – much more than 100%. more, i.e. more than twice as much compared to the 67 billion PLN that we deposited in the account of the National Health Fund ten years ago, in 2014. This is a lot of money – on average more than 4,000 PLN. PLN from every Pole, regardless of his age, so both from an old man and from a baby in a cradle.

Do we believe, or even have a vague impression, that in the last ten years, when our public health bills have risen so dramatically, the quality of service in state hospitals has improved at least a little? We might even ask whether it has more than doubled and clinics? More than twice, or rather almost two and a half times, for by how much have our public health bills risen?

Source: Do Rzeczy