“If we lose another power plant, Ukraine will not be able to absorb it” –

“If we lose another power plant, Ukraine will not be able to absorb it” –

With the acquisition of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, the Russians now control 20% of Ukraine’s electricity production.

According to Georg Zachmann, energy researcher at the Brussels think tank Brueghel, this seems to be a deliberate strategy by Russia to make Ukraine as dependent as possible on Russia for energy. Zachmann advised the Ukrainian government on energy policy for many years.

One of the six reactors of the affected nuclear power plant is still in operation, according to the Ukrainian energy producer DTEK. “To make up for the loss, we increased the production of coal-fired power stations in western Ukraine today,” DTEK director Maxim Timchenko told NOS.

DTEK is one of the largest energy producers in the country, but does not own the seized nuclear power plant. Earlier this week, a small DTEK power station was seized in eastern Ukraine. “Also, a small power plant was destroyed while people were inside,” Timchenko said. For example, a total of three power plants were lost.”

Timchenko fears that Russia has attacked many energy infrastructures in the past two days. “If we lose another great plant, we will no longer be able to assimilate it.” Citizens then have to prepare for the rationing of electricity and gas. “Anything to avoid a nationwide power outage.”

Main energy source

Zaporizhzhya is the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine and Europe and is important for the country’s electricity supply. As you can see in the chart below, nuclear power is also important for the overall energy supply: it is the country’s third most important source of energy, according to a 2019 study of International Energy.

Source: NOS