People’s Retirement Resources Are Respected: Duke

“The funds that are in the pension funds are not public, they are not state resources, but those of the people, they are respected and protected under the regime of private property of the citizens,” the president said. Ivan Duke during the closing of version number 15 of the Asonfunds Fiap International Congress.

He added that the freedom to choose in a democracy and in a market economy is what a Individual savings regime with solidarity (RAIS) in the pension system.

This statement from the president comes in the middle of… election campaign on the pension issue is one of the most discussed.

“We have seen nationalization policies of various sectors of the economy, corralitos, in Latin AmericaThey talked about protecting savings when it was a robbery of citizens’ savings by taking funds from pension funds,” says Duque.

He added that “citizens have this freedom when deciding where to invest their savings. It must become increasingly transparent, where competition is not dominated by grants but for the most vulnerable about solidarity”.

At the same time, he stressed the need to follow a path that allows citizens’ resources to be focused where they need to be higher profitability, benefit and the best coverage for your old age.

Source: El heraldo