17:01 Petrol price continues to rise sharply: Tuesday more than 2.40 euros per liter

Refueling will become significantly more expensive on Tuesday due to the war in Ukraine. The average recommended retail price of 95 euros per liter (E10) will probably increase by more than 6 cents and then by more than 2.40 euros, consumer collective UnitedConsumers reports. With some oil companies even 2.45 euros per liter.

The price increase for a liter of diesel should be slightly higher, averaging 8 cents. The average recommended retail price is then around 2.15 euros per litre. Pump prices have also risen significantly over the weekend as oil has become significantly more expensive.

Pump owners may deviate from Big Oil’s suggested retail prices, which UnitedConsumers have been tracking for more than two decades. The suggested retail price is mainly asked at stations along the highway. Elsewhere, supplies are usually a little cheaper.

Paul van Selms, market expert at UnitedConsumers, says this probably won’t be limited to the price increases announced now. He thinks that a liter of petrol will soon cost more than 2.50 euros. “My expectations used to be low, but now it’s getting closer. I wouldn’t be surprised if that line is crossed this week. We have never seen such increases.”

Source: NU