16:05 Germany does not want to hear about Russia’s energy ban –

16:05 Germany does not want to hear about Russia’s energy ban –

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not want the EU to stop buying oil and gas from Russia, as the country’s energy imports are “essential” to the European economy. It is responding to a proposal by the United States and some European countries to stop importing oil and some other energy sources from Russia.

Scholz said on Monday that the EU is looking for alternatives to Russian energy sources, but they cannot be found overnight. “That is why it is a conscious choice for us not to cancel our energy contracts with Russia.” He says that heating, transport and electricity cannot be supplied in the short term without Russian energy.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte also said on Monday, together with his British counterpart Boris Johnson and his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau, that sanctions should not endanger the security of energy supply. He stressed that the three countries are willing to consider “all possible sanctions” to put pressure on Russia, but that Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas.

With this, the government leaders are responding to the plans of the United States and some European partners to ban the import of Russian oil, among other things, because of the war in Ukraine. Oil and gas prices rose sharply on Monday. The oil price rose by almost 10% and the price of European gas by almost 80% to a record level of 345 euros per megawatt hour.

The EU gets about a third of its gas and a quarter of its oil from Russia. In the Netherlands, about 15% of the gas is imported from Russia, Germany is more than half dependent on Russia.

Source: NU