KLM cancels 47 flights this weekend, 3,500 fewer passengers to Schiphol

KLM cancels 47 flights this weekend, 3,500 fewer passengers to Schiphol

KLM airline is canceling at least 47 flights this weekend due to the expected crowds at Schiphol. The airport on Thursday urged airlines to take action to prevent overcrowding. Schiphol is struggling with crowds due to the May holidays and staff shortages.

KLM cancels at least 47 flights, including return flights and one-way flights on Saturdays and Sundays. “Thanks to these cancellations, we can offer the vast majority of our customers a pleasant departure and a pleasant return,” KLM said in a statement. said.

The national airline does not rule out canceling multiple flights. “There are no further cancellations planned at the moment, but it can still go ahead,” KLM said. said. KLM also canceled dozens of flights on Friday due to the expected crowds at Schiphol.

Flights were canceled after a call from Schiphol. The airport is struggling with a staff shortage and a large number of passengers with an overcrowded airport. The largest airport in the Netherlands has decided to turn to airlines for help.

In the statement: “We have asked the airlines to reduce the number of passengers. Before Saturday, the demand was to reduce the number of passengers by 3,500. This number has almost been reached. The airport says it is grateful that both airlines and travelers have made this possible. “We understand that this is a very unpleasant situation for them,” said Schiphol. said.

Also rebooked flights to other airports

In addition to canceling flights, the number of passengers at Schiphol is also reduced by physically moving the flight. Corendon and Transavia announced that they will be operating four flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport this weekend.

Other flights are likely to be operated. For example, Rotterdam The Hague Airport informed NU.nl that KLM had made a request to move flights, and TUI also informed NU.nl that it wanted to move flights.

Airport Groningen Airport Eelde also announced that it is ready to take over the flights and that it has sufficient staff for this. It is not clear whether the airport has also received requests. Eindhoven Airport also does not want to say anything to NU.nl about possible requests from airlines.

Source: NU