Gas stations want to raise limit for unmanned pumps: “Otherwise the tank is not full” –

Gas stations want to raise limit for unmanned pumps: “Otherwise the tank is not full” –

With rising pump prices, gas stations and payment processors are trying to increase the fuel limit at unmanned gas stations.

Currently, several gas stations reserve an amount of 125 euros in their bank account when someone starts to refuel. For example, gas stations ensure that they get paid for gas. After refueling, the reserved excess is released from the account.

For some motorists, this 125 euros is no longer enough to refuel. They then have to refuel twice.

In most gas stations, the ceiling has therefore been raised to 150 euros in recent weeks and there is talk of an increase to 200 euros. “This is not yet a definitive result,” says the Dutch Payments Association. “It depends on the agreement between all participants in the PIN chain, including merchants and terminal providers.”

Filling station entrepreneur Jan Harmen Akkerman of TanQyou sees that the fuel limit is an issue for more and more motorists: “You can then refuel a second time, but in practice you notice that it almost never is.”

2.48 €

Pump prices have been rising for weeks. Things are moving fast, especially after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. According to figures from Directlease Tankservice, a liter of petrol costs between 2.10 and 2.20 euros at slightly more than half of the gas stations.

At 35 gas stations the price is above 2.40 euros. The most expensive station currently shows a price of 2.48 euros per liter of petrol. Diesel prices are also rising rapidly. At 13% of the filling stations, a liter of diesel now costs more than 2 euros and at some even more than 2.20 euros.


Gas station entrepreneur Akkerman says that the pump’s record prices do not lead to less refueling. “At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there was oil hoarding and barrel filling. We have never experienced this before.”

Figures from the mobility platform Moveyou show that 60% to almost 85% more liters of fuel are sold than in a normal week. At the end of last week there were more people at gas stations, as fuel prices rose by a few cents a day.

Source: NOS