National Lottery 5 is looking for a winner of 12.8 million euros for seven weeks

National Lottery 5 is looking for a winner of 12.8 million euros for seven weeks

The state lottery is looking for the person who earned more than 12.8 million euros a month and a half ago. Friday’s raffle reported that the winner has not yet applied to claim the prize.

The winning ticket with lot number FV 74622 has been sold to Primera Sandra in Bleiswijk, South Holland. To facilitate the search, a plane will fly over Rotterdam on Friday with a rag that says ‘The State Lottery is looking for a winner’.

On March 10, the price dropped. According to the Dutch Lottery, the organization behind, among other things, the Staatsloterij, people do not cash in the winning ticket of the National Lottery every year.

“Often physical lottery tickets are bought by people who live close to the point of sale. That is why we ask everyone in Bleiswijk and the surrounding area to look for the winning ticket FV 74622 at home again.” That says a spokesperson for the Dutch Lottery.

Uncollectible cash prizes always refer to store bought lottery tickets. The search for the lucky winner is difficult because the winners of the national lottery remain anonymous. “We only know that the winning ticket was bought at Primera Sandra in Bleiswijk, but we do not know by whom,” said the Dutch Lottery.

Winner has one year to enter

To receive the prize, the winner must come to the head office of the Dutch Lottery in Rijswijk with the state lottery ticket. According to a spokesperson, the cardholder must appear up to one year after the draw, in this case no later than the last day of February 2023. After that, that person loses the prize.

“We then have to transfer the money to the Ministry of Finance, which then divides it between sports umbrella organization NOC*NSF and various charities,” said the spokesperson. It is worth noting that the amount will not be added to the prize pool of a subsequent draw.

The spokesperson cannot say for sure whether the 12.8 million euros will be the largest prize ever. But in recent years I have never left such great prizes,” he said.

Source: NU