Tugs refuse to let controversial ship sail on Russian diesel in Amsterdam

Tugs refuse to let controversial ship sail on Russian diesel in Amsterdam

Tugboats are concerned about safety. Public unrest around the ship could have caused protesters to trip over the lock or jump into the water.

Various parties, including the Port Authority, held emergency consultations this morning and this afternoon.

The destination of the ship is the terminal of the company Evos in the African port of Amsterdam. No one at Evos was available for comment.

There is excitement about the possible arrival of the ship because of the Russian cargo. There are sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine. But officially there is nothing wrong here, there is an exception to the sanctions on fuel and foodstuffs. In addition, the ship does not sail under the Russian flag, but under the flag of the Marshall Islands.

Embassy request

However, the Ukrainian embassy in the Netherlands made a request to the Dutch government to demand the “immediate departure” of the ship. “The Netherlands greatly appreciates Ukraine’s support and should not become a haven for dirty Russian oil plans,” the embassy said in a statement. said.

He also appeals to dock workers in Ukraine, Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands: “Follow your Swedish colleagues. Stay away from Sunny Liger” it seems. “Refuse to unload. Do not be complicit in an immoral trafficker who finances the murders of innocent Ukrainian women and children.”

Saturday evening PvdA and Pieter Omtzigt parliamentary questions Presented to Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoekstra. Members of parliament want to know, among other things, whether the minister has contacted companies that want to buy the oil and who they are.

rejected in Sweden

Sunny Liger had been to Sweden before, but was sent away. This is not because the Swedish authorities refused the ship, but because the Swedish dock workers resisted docking.

When the ship later sailed to the Netherlands, the Dutch trade union FNV insisted that the ship be rejected here too. It was yesterday at noon off the coast near Rotterdam and according to the association it was first removed from the finish list and then placed back. But FNV Havens explains that he was not allowed to enter the port under pressure from the union.

Source: RTL