They restrict credit card travel assistance: more banks are changing terms

They restrict credit card travel assistance: more banks are changing terms

They restrict credit card travel assistance: more banks are changing terms

As Santander and BBVA have already done, Galicia has informed its Gold Card users that they will no longer have the benefits and the Platinum and Signature benefits that they will have to pay for their flights with these cards to maintain it.

Banks are changing the terms of the travel assistance offered with their cards
Banks are changing the terms of the travel assistance offered with their cards

We need to start saying goodbye to the traveler with the help of various bank credit cards. First there was Santander, a little later BBVA, and now they have been joined by Galicia, which has already provided email communication to its customers about what the new terms of use will be, which in the case of the Gold Card is directly liquidated. .

As it happened with Santander in January 2021 and with BBVA in December of the same year, Banco Galicia users started receiving notifications of changes this month. Thus, the e-mail sent by this person reads: “If you are traveling abroad after July 1, 2022, please note that the Travel Assistance Terms of Service on your Visa Platinum and American Express Platinum Credit Cards are subject to change.”

Click on the link that says “Additional Information” to get the details of the change. There you can read In the case of Gold Cards, travel assistance is eliminated. Visa Gold and American Express Gold Cards: From July 1, 2022, they will no longer have the Travel Assistance service. Mastercard Gold Card: From October 1, 2022, they will no longer have Travel Assistance service, “it is said. It is recommended that as a bank client there will be special benefits with some specific repayment contract.

In the case of platinum and signature plastics, the communication states:To activate assistance, you must pay for the entire two-way ticket with the Galicia Visa Signature, Visa Platinum, American Express Platinum or American Express Black card. If you have a Visa Signature or Platinum card, you will need to generate a travel certificate.

In addition, it is clear that in these cases, when travel assistance is maintained for the payment of travel with the indicated cards, “Ticket (s) must be issued by a valid passenger, air, sea or land transport company.Excluding (i) rental of vehicles (other than vehicles rented by a transport company), (ii) taxis, (iii) transfer of rental companies to hotels or car parks outside the airport. ”

As mentioned, similar conditions were then observed by the banks Santander, which enacted the change on April 1, 2021, and BBVA, which enacted it on April 1, 2021.

In a consultation on the subject, Banco Galicia replied: “Reimbursement is still valid, the novelty is that we have adapted to the global practice where you have to buy a ticket with a card to get reimbursement. “

In Santander, meanwhile, they commented: “A client who travels and buys a ticket with our cards has travel assistance. You will not lose any benefits. Today, resources are used more efficiently, giving each client the experience they need, based on knowledge of their tastes and needs. Those who travel, assist the traveler, encourage the use of our plastics, those who do not travel, get other benefits according to their customs, discounts in stores, etc.“.

ᲔᲠᲘ He also tried to understand BBVA’s opinion on the subject but at the end of the post it failed.

In addition, as Santander did at the time, Galicia was notified of the change of provider (in the event that it was allowed to receive two-way flight assistance with its Visa or American Express cards). In this way, the provider becomes AXA Assistance USA Inc., which replaces the Assist Card.

In the hypothetical case that the client starts the journey before June 30 but returns after July 1, the unit reported the following: “You will have the current coverage provided by the Assist Card until June 30, 2022 and from July 1, 2022 you will have the repayment of AXA Assistance USA, Inc.

It was also reported that “All international travel tickets purchased with frequent flight schedules will have a Travel Assistance serviceProvided that the related taxes or fees are 100% paid in full with the Galicia Platinum Card ”.

Source: La Nacion